Walter VILAIN & YAO Yizhi: “Melody” Joint Exhibition

Art is one amazing way to explore the full potential of cultures and to share them with a wide public. The two artists Walter Vilain and YAO Yizhi have achieved an incredible level of harmony and sharing into their art, blending European and Chinese cultures into unique canvas bearing two peoples’ history.

From June 29, 2018 until September 10, 2018, the China Cultural Center in Brussels is hosting the Walter VILAIN & YAO Yizhi: “Melody” Joint Exhibition on the occasion of the 1st Edition of the EU-China Art Dialogue, featuring a fine selection of the most representative artworks from the latest art creations by the two artists, alongside some precious photos of this artistic pair.

The true beauty of art is that it knows no boundaries. Often very singular, art can welcome several styles and cultures and turn them into harmonious blends, making civilizations richer and more colorful through exchanges and mutual learning. When the East meets the West through painting, we can see sparks triggered out of the exchanges engaged between Chinese and Western cultures, as well as the harmony achieved between Eastern and Western cultures and arts.

With a shared passion and taste for arts despite their different cultural backgrounds, the two artists, Walter Vilain and YAO Yizhi, have created works that reinforce with and add glamour to each other. Their friendship, beyond any doubts, has become a perfect illustration of the blooming exchanges between the Chinese and European civilizations, something well embodied in the spirit of the Silk Road.

To pay tribute to the mutual appreciation and friendship between the two artists, the China Cultural Center in Brussels will hold a joint exhibition entitled Walter VILAIN & YAO Yizhi: Melody from June 29 to September 10, 2018. This exhibition will present a fine collection of the most representative works recently created by the two artists, together with some precious photos. It will feature two forms of paintings – European oil painting and Chinese ink wash painting- whose co-existence is a perfect example of harmony in diversity.  Together, Walter VILAIN and YAO Yizhi highlight the fact that European and Chinese artists could work together to pursue the same aspirations through different artistic means.


The Walter VILAIN & YAO Yizhi: “Melody” Joint Exhibition
June 29, 2018 – September 10, 2018
Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center
Closed from July 30th to August 19th 2018

Supported by

Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union

Hosted by

China Cultural Center in Brussels

Organized by

Atlas International Culture SPRL

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