Book launch of “Vergeet Me” by Xu Feng

On August 17, the launch of the new book “Vergeet Me”, which tells the legendary life of “China’s Schindler” Qian Xiuling, was held at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. Nearly 50 Chinese and Belgian guests attended the event including H.E. Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of China to Belgium, Mr. Dewit, Chairman of the Belgium-China Economic and Trade Commission, Mr. Liu Hongge, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, Mr. Ge Yiyou, Director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels, Mr. Sam De Graeve, representative of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts Publishing House, Mr. Zhang Yi, vice mayor of Yixing city in China, Mr. Yuan Nan, editor-in-chief of Yilin Press, and Mr. Xu Feng, author of “Forget Me”.

Xu Feng expressed the hope that Ms. Qian Xiuling’s deeds will break through the gap between Eastern and Western values, show China’s excellent cultural traditions, and arouse people’s yearning for peace, freedom and fraternity.

“Vergeet Me” tells the thrilling and true story of Ms. Qian Xiuling who saved 110 Belgian lives from Nazi gunfire during World War II. Since its publication in April 2021, it has received a good response from readers.