Center held Chinese culture experience class for children

On April 12, the China Cultural Center in Brussels opened a “Chinese corner” and held a Chinese culture experience class for children around the theme of Chinese zodiac culture. Students of the Center’s Chinese language course for children, together with their parents, participated in the activities that the Center’s teacher prepared.

The participants visited the “Chinese Zodiac Design Exhibition – Renyin Year of the Tiger”, after watching the accompanying promotional video. Students’ and parents’ received an answer to all their questions about zodiac culture.

To continue the interactive experience, a game competition was held to further familiarize the participants with Chinese idioms, oracle bone inscriptions and other zodiac knowledge.

Afterwards, cartoons relating to the Chinese zodiac were screened and the teacher gave instructions on how to craft a handmade rabbit. The children were very engaged throughout the activities and the offline experience helped them better understand Chinese culture and deepen their friendship.