Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks have reached the capital of Europe

On May 15, the Center launched the Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks that highlight the beauty of Shandong and the amazing charm of Shanghai.

On the evening of May 15, the opening ceremony of the Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks – jointly organized by the Network of International Culturalink Entities, the China Cultural Center in Brussels, the Shandong Art Museum and the Shanghai Museum – took place at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. The Center welcomed 130 attendees, including Mr. XIANG Shihai, Counselor of Culture of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium; Mr. LIU Yanchun, Vice-Curator from the Shandong Art Museum; and Ms. TANG Shifen, Director of the Administration Committee of the Shanghai Museum.

Two exhibitions, “The Beautiful Shandong” and “The Amazing Shanghai”, were introduced to Belgian and European guests. The former displays Shandong folk arts from the home of Confucius, while the latter focuses on creative cultural products from the Shanghai Museum. Both collections comprehensively showcase the fruits of today’s Chinese civilization.

In his introduction of “The Beautiful Shandong”, Mr. Liu Yanchun voiced the significance of the exhibition: “The industrious Shandong people have recorded their long-standing civilization through various folk arts, like woodcut Spring Festival pictures and handmade kites. These traditions of great cultural value have been passed down from generation to generation.” Besides cultural tokens of folklore and local customs, the exhibition also features photographs of Shandong scenery and landmarks that accentuate the province’s natural as well as cultural resources.

The creative cultural products from the Shanghai Museum have known great success in China, where they even became a media phenomenon. With the arrival of “The Amazing Shanghai” in Belgium, Ms. Tang Shifen invited the international audience to enjoy these products and watch them come to life. Through rich cultural content in the different series of the exhibition, the wide variety of cultural products manages to creatively transform traditional Chinese culture and emphasize Shanghai’s elegance.

Considering culture as a way of communicating, the Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks aim to strengthen intercultural dialogues and the friendship between China and Belgium. Until May 31, the exhibitions form the gateway to exploring more of China’s landscape and its unique culture. 

Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks: The Beautiful Shandong & The Amazing Shanghai
May 16 – May 31
Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center, closed on Thursday May 30 (Ascension Day).