Chongyang Festival

The ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese lunar calendar marks the Chongyang Festival (or Double Ninth Festival), a traditional Chinese festival characterized by domestic affection, poetry, the fragrance of wine and an abundance of care. This year, the Chongyang Festival is on October 14 and we have six videos to celebrate!

  1. Dance: Phoenix presenting rituals

An ancient ritual associated with the Chongyang Festival is the fire ceremony, reflecting the worship of the god of fire and representing people’s awe of nature. The ritual was meant to result in good weather for the crops. Furthermore, the phoenix was a spiritual totem in ancient times expressing beauty and wisdom.

The dance combines the ritual fire ceremony and the symbol of the phoenix. The male and female dancers perform surrounded by fire and embody the spirit of the phoenix. This video is a feat of choreography and visual technology.

  1. Song: Home

The economic development of the Song dynasty resulted in unprecedented prosperity. The Chongyang Festival traditions gradually became more laid-back customs, like appreciating flowers, drinking wine and creating poems. A cup of fragrant tea and a plate of snacks complete the pleasant atmosphere of the Chongyang Festival.

This song and its accompanying music video perfectly depict these customs and a cozy atmosphere is tangible while watching. The creative format begins and ends with a painting coming to life.

  1. Song: Mutual Love

Warm feelings can be found in many different kinds of relationships. Let the Chongyang Festival be an opportunity to call on your loved ones to reunite or reconnect. This tender song by MAO Buyi will definitely encourage people to find each other and be together.

  1. Sword Dance: Free and Happy

Sword dance is a form of classical dance, yet differs from other dances because it is a prop dance. This taiji sword dance choreography combines the traditional Chinese physical practice of taijiquan with the elegant style of Chinese literati, creating a dance that perfectly integrates artistry, qi and strength. It also gives us a taste of the poetry of the Tang and Song dynasties.

  1. Opera: Dingjun Mountain

Dingjun Mountain is the first Chinese movie ever made. It was based on a Peking Opera performance and stars the famous performer TAN Xinpei. This video explores the legacy of the Tan family: seven generations have kept the tradition of Tan-style Peking Opera alive.

  1. Song: Dream Chaser

In modern China, the Chongyang Festival is a day to honor elderly people. This song by the band Gala is a tribute to a group of elderly people who are chasing their dreams, proving it is never too late to follow your passion.

Happy Chong Festival and enjoy the six videos!