Spotlight on the students in a festive atmosphere for the 2nd graduation ceremony of the China Cultural Center in Brussels

This Wednesday, June 28, 2017, summer holidays finally arrived at the China Cultural Center in Brussels! On the occasion of its second graduation ceremony, the Center put the spotlight on the many students of Chinese language, calligraphy, taiji and qigong during a festive and relaxed evening, where happiness was certainly present!

More than 80 people attended the graduation ceremony at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. In the early evening, teachers of taji, qigong and calligraphy classes conducted practical workshops to share their knowledge and present the different courses taking place at the China Cultural Center. These workshops were the occasion for the students to discover and experiment new disciplines, further increasing their passion for China and its culture.

During the official graduation ceremony, course coordinator Matsuo Schleusner, said he was very happy to end the year in such a festive atmosphere! In his speech, Mr. TAN, Director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels, first thanked the students for their investment and the teachers for their excellent work in transmitting Chinese culture: “The qigong, taiji and calligraphy workshops offered today are the fruitful results of the work you have all accomplished during this year. It’s a great success! “. He also added that: “When you begin to study one of these courses, it is a part of Chinese culture that you begin to study and I am very glad to see that.”

During the evening, a quiz of fifteen questions on Chinese culture was given to the students. Easy for some, a little less for others, this game was an opportunity for them to learn more about China. Participants who had the most correct answers received a price composed of books and DVDs on China as well as various goodies. The students and their family also enjoyed some of the best calligraphies painted during the year. Exposed in the exhibition halls of the Center, they demonstrated the student’s efforts and enthusiasm in learning this traditional art, some might even have discovered themselves a secret talent!

Later, the students of the different Chinese classes took the stage and sang a popular Chinese song: 康定情歌. Their performance was warmly applauded by the audience. Very proud, the Director then proceeded to award the various diplomas: a certificate of success for the Chinese language students who passed their examination and a certificate of participation for calligraphy, taiji and qigong students who attended at least 10 lessons since January.

During this year, the China Cultural Center in Brussels received more than 120 registrations for all its courses. While last year, the Center had only 2 Chinese language classes and one qigong class for a total of around 20 students…, today, 4 different courses are available: a qigong course, a taiji class, 8 classes of Chinese with 4 different levels and a Chinese painting and calligraphy course that opened in January. And the Director and his team will continue to strive to widen their offer: “In the future, we will carry on doing our best to give you the possibility to attend lots of different classes in our Center. We hope that you will keep coming here and enjoy attending our courses” declared Mr. TAN.  

Students, teachers and families then finished the evening around a large buffet of Chinese delicacies during which they recalled some of the good times spent during the year. It is now time to enjoy a well-deserved summer! See you next year!