First Qigong course

The Qigong courses have officially begun on Wednesday March 16 at the China Cultural Center. The Center asked Christiane Heuze of the Belgian Health Qigong Federation, who has more than 30 years’ experience, to teach the Qigong class.

Qigong is an energy and internal practice exercised for centuries by the Chinese in order to improve their physical, emotional and mental condition. As an art of living, it has its origins in the traditional Chinese medicine.

During the first course, Christiane Heuze taught the students the basic movements of Qigong as well as the different breathing techniques. Then they were able to relax and calm their mind. Taking into account the physical condition of each person, she provided them valuable advice and offered them methods for exercising. These courses aim to help them keeping strong body and mind.

For many of them, it was their first Qigong lesson. One of the students, Alexandra, an official at the European institutions, testifies: “I have recently heard about the many cultural activities organised by the Center. So I chose to follow the Qigong courses at the China Cultural Center with Christiane Heuze, a very experienced professor.”