Graduation ceremony

The Chinese Cultural Centre organised its graduation ceremony, during which numerous students of Chinese and Qigong classes obtained their diploma.

The graduation ceremony took place on June 30th at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Brussels. For this first graduation, students from different courses were praised in a friendly atmosphere. The Cultural Centre director, Mr Yan, hosted a speech to congratulate and thank students for their good spirit and eagerness to learn. Afterwards, students from different Chinese classes sang the internationally known Chinese song 好一朵美丽的茉莉花(Jasmine Flower)before participating in a game about China with the Qigong students.

During this game (in Chinese), participants had to answer various questions about China, the Chinese and the Chinese culture. This game, both funny and educational, allowed the best players to win one of the many prizes offered by the Center, such as Chinese cultural books.

The evening went on with the director of the Cultural Centre handing out different personalized certificates to Chinese and Qigong students. Some students received a certificate of achievement, others a certificate of participation, according to the courses they took up. The event ended with a buffet meal and a toast to friendship.