Success of Chinese courses

Last Friday, the Chinese courses of the new and fourth class started. Now there are three classes of beginner level and an intermediate one that learn Mandarin at the China Cultural Center. Less than two months after the opening of registrations, the Chinese courses are definitely a success!

Since the opening of Chinese courses at the China Cultural Centre in Brussels, four classes have been created: one of intermediate level and three of beginner level. A third beginner class recently opened due to the high demand. New students started their courses the week following the one of 2016 Chinese New Year. They have class every Friday from 12:30 to 14:30.

People of different nationalities follow the Mandarin classes, it is an opportunity for them to learn the language and share their cultures. During the activities organised to celebrate the Spring Festival, many visitors stated their desire for learning more about Chinese culture and traditions but also the language of the Middle Kingdom.