The first Chinese classes have started!

The first Chinese classes for beginner and intermediary levels have started at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. Mrs. LIN and Mrs. JIANG, both well experienced Chinese teachers, will teach Mandarin to the students who have a strong desire to learn the language.

The first Chinese classes have begun this week at the China Cultural Center. The intermediary level is taught on Tuesday while the beginners have class either on Wednesday or Thursday. Many nationalities are represented among the students (Belgian, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, etc.) and the youngest is 20 while the oldest is 55.

Mrs. LIN and Mrs. JIANG have both a long experience in teaching Chinese. They will improve the Chinese level of the students but also teach them some other aspects of the Chinese culture. During the classes, the teaching is mainly in Chinese, and if necessary in English. For the intermediary level, the courses are particularly focused on communication and oral, which will quickly enhance the students’ Chinese level, and who knows, soon make them fluent Chinese speakers!