Gala show in Wuhan to celebrate the 2021 Dragon Boat Festival

Today, June 14, 2021, marks the annual Dragon Boat Festival. On the occasion of this traditional Chinese holiday, artists from Wuhan have prepared a great cultural and artistic spectacle: “Hand in Hand: 2021 Wuhan Dragon Boat Festival Gala Show”. People from all over the world can celebrate together along with this show.

Wuhan is a well-known “theater hub”, theater being entrenched in the lives of the people of the city. Chu Opera, a distinctive local opera form of the Hubei province, holds an important place in the history of Chinese operas. The gala show includes an excerpt from the classic opera “Drunken Imperial Concubine”. The People’s Art Theatre of Wuhan also stages two puppetry acts, showcasing this unique part of Chu culture. Wuhan’s stick puppetry has a history of more than 170 years.

Viewers also get to admire the perfect cooperation of the highly skilled performers of the Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe in “Balanced Bowls” and “Strength”. Furthermore, a dance duet vividly displays the art of Han embroidery through a soft dance, accompanied by lovely piano music.

Five traditional Chinese instruments, pipa, bamboo flute, erhu, zhongruan and sheng, are brought together to perform two composition: the lively “Busily Carting Grain” as well as the quiet “Rippling Brook”.

The show presents several folk songs related to the Dragon Boat Festival. To relieve the homesickness of the overseas Chinese viewers, the familiar and popular song “Jasmine Flower” brings comfort.

This audiovisual “feast” lasts a full hour and consists of twelve performances. We invite everyone to enjoy this sample of Wuhan culture. Let’s celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with this artistic show that brings cultures together!