Packed audience for “The Legend of Sound” !

After Paris, the show “The Legend of Sound” stopped in Brussels for one performance on October 22nd.

The Legend of Sound was performed to a packed audience, adults and children, young and old, Chinese speakers or not, everyone could enjoy this very particular show. Singing, whistling, ventriloquism, comic act, Beijing and Kunqu opera… In total eight performances revolving around “the voice” and performed by 10 talented artists were offered to the public that night.

The most impressive acts were probably the Mongolian throat singing by Erihe Mubatu and the ventriloquism act by Ji Yong. While the former led the audience to the Mongolian grasslands and let them hear sounds from another world, the latter was so skilled he could perform the soundtrack of an action movie all by himself whether it was the sound of a car crash, a plane taking off, bombs and weapons noise! Incredible!

Mr YU of the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles led the public from one performance to another with passion, and in the end shared his wishes for further cooperation between European and Chinese artists around this particular theme of “The Voice”.