The China Cultural Center celebrates the Moon Festival and its First Year Anniversary!

On the 15th of September, China celebrates the Moon Festival and this date is all the more significant for the center since it was almost a year ago to the day, that it was inaugurated!

Just like many other Chinese celebrations, the exact date of the Moon Festival is set according to the Chinese lunar calendar and therefore varies from one year to another. This year, it fell on the 15th of September. What a coincidence! The China Cultural Center in Brussels was inaugurated the 16th September 2015, just one year ago. So last night, guests and staff did not only gather to admire the moon together (which actually did not show up due to the bad weather) but also to celebrate the very first anniversary of the China Cultural Center.

Mr YAN Zhenquan, Director of the Center took this occasion to invite and thank the many stakeholders to the success of this first year. And there were many! Ranging from the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Belgium, the many Belgian and Chinese institutions, to the Belgian and Chinese partners and suppliers, the European, Belgian and Chinese media, the teachers and of course, the visitors, without forgetting the staff.

In their speeches, both Mr XIANG Shihai, Counsellor for Culture at the Embassy of China in the Kingdom of Belgium, and Mr Bernard DEWIT, Chairman of the Belgian-Chinese Economic and Commercial Council, agreed that the success of the center was also a result of the dynamism of its director and team who managed to organise a large number of various events such as exhibitions, shows, conferences in such a short time.

The numerous guests were definitely well entertained that night. First thanks to two workshops: a tea tasting conducted by Mr Oliver NUTTENS from l’Heure Bleue, and mooncakes making by Mr ZHONG. Miss ZHANG Chi also accompanied the evening, playing pipa. While tasting mooncakes and many other Chinese delicacies, the guests could also see a photographic retrospective of the first year of the center, discover the legends surrounding this traditional Chinese festival and try to win a goody bag by answering to a quiz. And for once, the guests could also enjoy one very Belgian speciality: beer! Offered by the Brewery Scåssenes (former brewery Ecaussinnes).

All in all this evening, despite the absence of its main guest, namely, the moon, reflected this first year and what we can expect the next one to be: busy, cheerful and enriching!