Festive launch of the “Dynamic Shanghai” project

Mr. ZHU Yonglei, H.E. André FLAHAUT, H.E. CAO Zhongming, Ms. Monica URIAN

On June 14, a different image of Shanghai was presented at the China Cultural Center in Brussels through a media event, followed by the opening of a brand-new exhibition.

“Dynamic Shanghai” is a promotional project that aims to present a different image of Shanghai to the international stage, in order to create new opportunities for cultural cooperation across the world. Part of this project is the exhibition “Poetic Jiangnan: Style of China”, which was officially opened on the evening of June 14, 2019. A media event preceded the opening ceremony.

The media event, co-organized by the China Cultural Center in Brussels and the Shanghai Morning Post, portrayed Shanghai’s cultural landscape and the changes it has undergone. The keynote speaker was Mr. YANG Weizhong, editor-in-chief of the Chinese newspaper Shanghai Morning Post, whose introduction was followed by a discussion with the attending Belgian and Chinese journalists.

A range of different topics were presented, mainly focusing on Shanghai’s cultural tourism and media transformation. The urban and cultural landmarks of Shanghai, in combination with large-scale international gatherings like the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival and the China International Import Expo hosted in the metropolis, bring to mind a lively image of a city that is open, inclusive and innovative. This is also reflected in the media’s efforts to commit to new technology and operations since the emergence of digital media. The media event told stories of the city’s and China’s shared beauty, resulting in a better understanding of the “Shanghai style”.

Subsequently, the opening ceremony of the “Poetic Jiangnan: Style of China” exhibition, supervised by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, and the Shanghai United Media Group, took place at the Center. Around 150 guests attended the ceremony, including special guests H.E. Ambassador CAO Zhongming from the Chinese Embassy in Belgium; Mr. ZHU Yonglei, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee; H.E. André FLAHAUT, Belgian Minister of State; Mr. XIANG Shihai, Counselor of Culture of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium; Ms. Monica URIAN, Program Manager at the Directorate General Education and Culture of the European Commission; Mr. YANG Weizhong, Editor-in-Chief of the Shanghai Morning Post; Ms. Pascale SALESSE and Ms. Carine FOL, Director and Artistic Director of the CENTRALE for Contemporary Art; and Mr. GE Yiyou, Director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels.

In his speech, Mr. ZHU Yonglei described Brussels as a true cultural capital and likened it to Shanghai, a cultural meeting place between Chinese and Western civilizations. Situated in the Jiangnan region, Shanghai and its surrounding areas do not only make up the largest economic zone in China today, but also hold the rich historical and cultural resources of Jiangnan.

H.E. André FLAHAUT voiced his appreciation of Chinese culture, thanks to the cultural exchanges between Belgium and China. As an illustration, he mentioned the arrival of the pandas in Belgium on the one hand and the Tintin theme store and the Smurfs amusement park in Shanghai on the other hand.

H.E. CAO Zhongming commended the frequent high-level exchanges and mutual trust between China and Belgium. Strengthening the economic cooperation between the countries has benefited the people on both sides. He continued: “This year, in the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, we are striving to further promote the friendly cooperative China-Belgium partnership.”

The newly opened exhibition demonstrates the unique cultural heritage of Shanghai and the Jiangnan region. A variety of art forms showcases different aspects of the city and the regional culture. Inspired by the daily lives of local people, landmarks, popular snacks and other iconic symbols portray the unique aesthetics of life in Shanghai and the poetic charm of Jiangnan. A live calligraphy workshop helped the exhibition come to life. Traditional fans were decorated with Chinese characters by a calligraphy master and given as souvenirs to the guests.

Dynamic Shanghai | Poetic Jiangnan: Style of China
June 17 – June 21
Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center