Giant pandas just a click away

With its plump body, rounded head and symbolic dark eye circle, the giant panda has become a world-favorite Chinese “national treasure” and Sichuan’s “cultural image,” attracting global attention.

In China, Sichuan is the largest contiguous habitat of the giant panda in the world, a veritable panda home.

The unique geological features and excellent ecological network of Minshan, Qionglaishan, Liangshan, Daxiangling, Xiaoxiangling and Qinling mountains have created a natural, comfortable and beautiful habitat for the giant panda. More than 80 percent of the world’s wild and captive-bred giant pandas live in Sichuan.

Today, Sichuan ranks first in China in the number of captive-bred giant pandas. The wild giant pandas are found in more than ten counties (cities and districts) in Sichuan Province. Coexisting with tens of thousands of the world’s rare plants and animals in harmony, they are enjoying the “comfortable” life here.

In recent years, giant pandas have attracted numerous fans around the world. Where “Sichuan, More Than Pandas” and “China (Sichuan) Giant Panda Culture and Tourism Week ” are held, pandas become the highlight, and panda fans from all over the world are attracted to travel to China and Sichuan to meet giant pandas. The giant panda has become a famous Chinese cultural symbol and Sichuan logo.

However, the global panda fans’ tours to the Giant Panda Habitat extend beyond these sites.