Mid-Autumn Festival in Traditional Chinese Paintings: Art Appreciation Microclass

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the portrayal of the Mid-Autumn Festival in traditional Chinese paintings? This art appreciation microclass discusses four artworks: “A Cup in Hand under the Moon”, “Light Stroll under the Mellow Moon Painting Catalogue”, “Watching the Tide on a Moonlit Night” and “Chang’e Holding a Laurel”. Learn more here!

National painting, as an artform of traditional Chinese painting, is unique and holds a high reputation among fine arts. Since ancient times, there has been a proliferation of Chinese paintings featuring the Mid-Autumn Festival as the theme. They express artists’ reminiscences of their hometown as well as their great expectations and hopes for a good harvest.

These Chinese paintings represent the culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival. For this microclass, animations have been added to enhance narrative plots, restore colors and inspire viewers’ imagination. The deeper meanings beyond the artworks allow the audience to have a tangible grasp of traditional Chinese painting and enjoy an immersive experience of the Mid-Autumn Festival culture.