The China Cultural Center in Brussels has held its third graduation ceremony

On Wednesday evening, the China Cultural Center held its third graduation ceremony during which students from different classes received their certificate after many weeks of commitment. The achievements were celebrated during a festive and laid back evening filled with performances by the students.

More than 70 people who are all following different courses at the Center, gathered for this 3rd graduation ceremony which was, -as tradition requires- conducted by Mr. Matsuo Schleusner, coordinator of the Cultural Center’s classes. After a few welcoming words and the usual touch of humour that became a central part of the ceremony, Mr. Tan, Director of the Cultural Center took the floor for his traditional speech. Mr. Tan started by thanking all the people involved in this semester, students or teachers. He then went on by highlighting the courage, determination and perseverance shown by the students during those months. The director also proudly underlined the ever growing amount of students as well as the diversity in the classes offering.

He notably referred to the children’s class that opened for the first time in September 2017 and claimed that a second class of this sort might very well see the light of day the next semester. Another class of Taiji, on lunchtime, might also open, which would considerably raise the offer of the Centre.

The evening went on by putting the spotlight the passions of the different students through various demonstrations. The students and teachers of the different Chinese classes sang the famous  甜蜜蜜(Tiánmì mì) song together. The students of the Taiji class also realised a beautiful demonstration of their art alongside their master Mr. Ludwig Van Waes,. This demonstration was so well executed that many of their attendees seriously considered attending the Taiji class for the semester to come.

One performance was followed by another, featuring a Taiji-with-a-fan performance by Mrs. Mina Oshawa, student of the Chinese class. One of the Center’s youngest students, Mr. Floriaan Sterneberg, closed the show with his guitar and singing performance of the song 外面的世界(Wàimiàn de shìjiè).

Upon finishing the performances, the official graduation ceremony started and was led by Mr. Tan who handed each of the students their diploma. The students of the different Chinese classes who passed the exams received a certificate of completion, while the students of the painting and calligraphy classes who attended to at least 10 classes since January also received a certificate of attendance.

After some humorous back-and-forths and some practical information regarding the beginning of the classes next semester, the evening was ended with a delicious buffet, where the students, their family and friends had the opportunity to discover some Chinese delicacies.

As many guests stated, this evening with its lovely and joyful atmosphere, was perfect to conclude this joyful yet enriching year. Now we can only wait for September and for the new semester, filled with joy and knowledge.

See you next year!