Chinese Movie Nights – «Chinese flavors»

A mouth-watering documentary night !

«Chinese flavors »
Chinese Food Culture (30 min)
A perfect Destiny (30 min)

26/09 (French version)
28/09 (English version)

Category :  Documentary
Duration :  2* 30 min

Chinese Food Culture
For more than 5000 years of history, food has always held a very important role in Chinese culture. Thanks to its vast territory, various landscapes and diverse population, many kinds of food have been invented. Some only to be served to emperors in the most refined tableware. Today all these delicacies and much more can be appreciated all over the world. A mouth-watering documentary.

A perfect Destiny
French man Pascal, a very skilled cook, first came to China in the early 1990s. He now speaks fluent Mandarin and opened a French restaurant. Pascal buys all the necessary ingredients for his cooking directly from farmers, who, in his opinion, can guarantee a better food quality and bring extra income to the farmers themselves. Follow the perfect destiny of a French cook settling down in the land of the “Eight Culinary Cuisines”.

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