Chinese Movie Nights – Documentaries

In October the Centre celebrates the art of 京 剧  jīngjù (Peking Opera) through the exhibition “Peking Opera Art Show” and the concert “Walking in the Moonlight”.  To further explore this fascinating subject we invite you to a documentary night to discover the magnificent theatres of the Beijing of yesteryear and the new vitality of its contemporary artistic stage.

Falling in love with Beijing Theatre Stage / 情系京城戏楼
Dongcheng District, the Drama Center/ 戏剧东城
09/10/2017 English version

Falling in love with Beijing Theatre Stage:                          duration: 30 min.
In the capital city of Beijing remain some very special buildings: royal and folk theatres. Vestiges of the past, they each have their own story but whether they were originally temples or guilds, together they bear the witness to flourishing olden days, when Peking Opera was at its heights.

Dongcheng District, the Drama Center:                              duration: 50 min
Located in downtown Beijing, Dongcheng has long been the center of arts and culture. Over the last decade, it gradually developed into a center of theatrical creation and performance. Dongcheng bustles with activities and new outstanding talents and is also a place of international cultural exchanges where artists from all over the world can train and express their creativity.

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